WP Revisions Control

Control how many revisions are stored for each post type.

The wordpress plug-in WP Revisions Control is ideal to use. This extension is made by Erick Hitter. Erick Hitter is a WordPress developer. For the plugin to work you need to have at least wordpress version 3.6. Total it has 9 people that review WP Revisions Control.

WP Revisions Control was installed 30.000 times! It has a rating of 92 out for 100, 8 users gave it a 5 star score.

Questions about WP Revisions Control

Where can I install WP Revisions Control

Common question about WP Revisions Control

Where can I download WP Revisions Control?

You can download the extension with the Download button.

How do I use WP Revisions Control?

The docs about this plug-in can be found on several websites. You can find it via the wordpress website

Is WP Revisions Control safe to use?

Ofcourse it’s very safe to use WP Revisions Control. But you have to be sure to always be up to date with WordPress, and don skip the wordpress backup

Where van I get support for WP Revisions Control?

Via the site of the developer|wordpress|the wordpress forum you can get support from the creator



NameWP Revisions Control
Downloads80.213 times
Last update2022-02-19 11:05pm GMT
Date created2013-07-02


WordPress 3.6 allows users to control how many revisions are stored for each supported post type. No longer must you rely on the WP_POST_REVISIONS constant, which applied universally. This plugin provides an interface for this new functionality.

With this plugin enabled, simply visit Settings > Writing to specify the number of revisions retained for each post type.

Why is this helpful? Revisions are stored in the database, and if many are stored, can cause bloat. This bloat may lead to slower queries, which can have a noticeable performance impact. The value of these revisions also depends on what is being tracked. For example, I may want to store every revision of the posts I write, but only desire to keep the latest five versions of each page on my site. Starting in WordPress 3.6, this control is available. WordPress doesn’t provide a native interface to specify revisions quantities, so I wrote this quick plugin to do so.

Thanks to Maria Ramos at WebHostingHub, the plugin is also available in Spanish. Many thanks to her for her efforts!

Development is at https://git.ethitter.com/wp-plugins/wp-revisions-control.