WP Notification Bars

Create custom notification and alert bar for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click throughs to other pages and so much more.

The wordpress plug-in WP Notification Bars is great to get. The plugin is made by MyThemeShop. MyThemeShop is a WP devver. For the plug-in to download you need to have at least wordpress version 3.0.1. In total there areat last 42 people that rated WP Notification Bars.

WP Notification Bars is installed 30.000 times! The plugin has a rating of 72 out for 100, 24 people gave it 5 stars.

Questions about WP Notification Bars

How can I install WP Notification Bars

Common question for WP Notification Bars

Where do I download WP Notification Bars?

You can download this extension via the Download button.

How do I use WP Notification Bars?

The documentation for the plugin can be found on different websites. You can read it on the wordpress website

Is WP Notification Bars safe to get?

Yes it’s very safe to get WP Notification Bars. But you make sure to always be up to date with WP, and don skip the website backup

Where van we get support for WP Notification Bars?

Via the website of the developer|wordpress|the wordpress forum you wil get the support from the developer



NameWP Notification Bars
Downloads297.011 times
Last update2022-02-28 2:28am GMT
Date created2015-09-19


WP Notification Bars is a custom notification and alert bar plugin for WordPress which is perfect for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click throughs to other pages and so much more.

Why WP Notification Bars from MyThemeShop:
  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight
  • Create Unlimited Notification Bars
  • Responsive
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Fixed or Absolute Position
  • Add CTA Button
  • Add Custom Code
  • Control Font Size
  • Show on HomePage / Posts / Pages
  • Show only to Google Visitors
  • Show only to Facebook Visitors
  • Translation Ready
  • 24/7/365 Support

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