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A super easy way to automatically redirect a user to another page when viewing a…

The plugin for wordpress Shortcode Redirect is great to use. This plug-in is created by Cartpauj. Cartpauj is a WP devver. For this tool to download you need to have at least wordpress v 2.7. In total there are 29 users that review Shortcode Redirect.

Shortcode Redirect was used 10.000 times! It has a score of 86 out for 100, 20 people gave it 5 stars.

Questions about Shortcode Redirect

Where do I install Shortcode Redirect

Most common question about Shortcode Redirect

Where can I download Shortcode Redirect?

You can download this extension via the Download button.

How can I use Shortcode Redirect?

The docs for the plugin can be read on several websites. You can read it on the wordpress website

Is Shortcode Redirect safe to get?

Ofcourse it’s sure safe to download Shortcode Redirect. But you have to be sure to always update your WP, and don forget the backup

How van we get support for Shortcode Redirect?

Via the website of the developer|wordpress|the wordpress forum you can get the support from the creator


NameShortcode Redirect
Downloads58.558 times
Last update2022-02-25 7:00am GMT
Date created2011-09-22


Shortcode Redirect allows site owners to automatically redirect a user after a chosen amount of seconds when viewing a page or post on the site. The plugin instructions are very simple. Add a shortcode to the post/page that looks like the following [redirect url='' sec='3'] the url= part is where you define the URL to redirect the user to and the sec= part is where you define how many seconds to wait before redirecting.


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  • Works on pages and posts
  • NO settings or configurations to deal with
  • Define a URL to redirect the user to
  • Define how many seconds to wait before re-directing the user.

Shortcode redirect should work with older versions of WordPress as well but was not tested with anything older than 2.7