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Creates post thumbnails on fly and cache the result. Auto-create of post thumbnails based on:…

The wordpress plugin Kama Thumbnail is satisfying to use. This extension is created by Kama. Kama is a WP devver. For the plug-in to download you need to have at least wp v 4.7. Total there areat last 15 users that rated Kama Thumbnail.

Kama Thumbnail was installed 10.000 times! It has a score of 94 out for 100, 14 users gave it a 5 star score.

Questions about Kama Thumbnail

Where can I install Kama Thumbnail

Where do I download Kama Thumbnail?

You can get the plugin via the Download button.

How do I use Kama Thumbnail?

The documentation for this extension can be found on different websites. You can find it via the wordpress website

Is Kama Thumbnail safe to get?

Ofcourse it’s very safe to use Kama Thumbnail. But you have to be sure to always update your WordPress, and do not skip the website backup

How van we get support for Kama Thumbnail?

Via the site of the developer|wordpress|the wordpress forum you can get the support from the creator



NameKama Thumbnail
Downloads89.494 times
Last update2022-02-11 3:08pm GMT
Date created2015-08-04


Convenient way to create post thumbnails on the fly without server overload.

The best alternative to scripts like “thumbnail.php”.

Supports Multisite.


The plugin for developers firstly, because it don’t do anything after install. In order to the plugin begin to work, you need use one of plugin function in your theme or plugin. Example:

<?php echo kama_thumb_img('w=150 &h=150'); ?>

Using the code in the loop you will get ready thumbnail IMG tag. Plugin takes post thumbnail image or find first image in post content, resize it and create cache. Also creates custom field for the post with URL to original image. In simple words it cache all routine and in next page loads just take cache result.

You can make thumbs from custom URL, like this:

The URL_TO_IMG must be from local server: by default, plugin don’t work with external images, because of security. But you can set allowed hosts on settings page: Settings > Media.

All plugin functions:

// return thumb url URL
echo kama_thumb_src( $args, $src );

// return thumb IMG tag
echo kama_thumb_img( $args, $src );

// return thumb IMG tag wraped with <a>. A link of A will leads to original image.
echo kama_thumb_a_img( $args, $src );

// to get image width or height after thumb creation
echo kama_thumb( $optname );
// ex:
echo '<img src="'. kama_thumb_src('w=200') .'" width="'. kama_thumb('width') .'" height="'. kama_thumb('height') .'" alt="" />';


  • $args (array/string)
    Arguments to create thumb. Accepts:

    • w | width
      (int) desired width.

    • h | height
      (int) desired height.

      if parameters w and h not set, both of them became 100 – square thumb 100х100 px.

    • notcrop
      (isset) if set crop parameter become false – crop=false.

    • crop
      (isset) Control image cropping. By default always true.

      To disable cropping set here false/0/no/none or set parameter 'notcrop'. Then image will not be cropped and will be created as small copy of original image by sizes settings of one side: width or height – here plugin select the smallest suitable side. So one side will be as it set in w or h and another side will be smaller then w or h.

      Cropping position

      Also, you can specify string: 'top', 'bottom', 'left', 'right' or 'center' and any other combinations of this strings glued with /. Ex: 'right/bottom'. All this will set cropping area:

      • 'left', 'right' – horizontal side (w)
      • 'top', 'bottom' – vertical side (h)
      • 'center' – for both sides (w and h)

      When only one value is set, the other will be by default. By default: 'center/center'.


      // image will be reduced by height, and width will be cropped.
      // "right" means that right side of image will be shown and left side will be cut.
      kama_thumb_img('w=200 &h=400 &crop=right');
      // image will be redused by width, and height will be cropped.
      // "top" means that the top of the image will be shown and bottom side will be cut.
      kama_thumb_img('w=400 &h=200 &crop=top');
      // you can specify two side position at once, order doesn't matter
      kama_thumb_img('w=400 &h=200 &crop=top/right');

      Reduce image by specified side

      In order to get not cropped proportionally rediced image by specified side: by width or height. You need specify only width or only height, then other side will be reduced proportional. And no cropping will appear here.


      So, width of our image will be 200, and height will be as it will…
      Теперь ширина всегда будет 200, а высота какая получится… And the picture will be always full, without cropping.

    • q | quality
      (int) jpg compression quality (Default 85. max.100)

    • stub_url
      (string) URL to no_photo image.

    • alt
      (str) alt attr of img tag.

    • title
      (str) title attr of img tag.

    • class
      (str) class attr of img tag.

    • style
      (str) style attr of img tag.

    • attr
      (str) Allow to pass any attributes in IMG tag. String passes in IMG tag as it is, without escaping.

    • a_class
      (str) class attr of A tag.

    • a_style
      (str) style attr of A tag.

    • a_attr
      (str) Allow to pass any attributes in A tag. String passes in A tag as it is, without escaping.

    • no_stub
      (isset) don’t show picture stub if there is no picture. Return empty string.

    • yes_stub
      (isset) show picture stub if global option in option disable stub showing, but we need it…

    • post_id | post
      (int|WP_Post) post ID. It needs when use function not from the loop. If pass the parameter plugin will exactly knows which post to process. Parametr ‘post’ added in ver 2.1.

    • attach_id
      (int) ID of wordpress attachment image. Also, you can set this parametr by pass attachment ID to ‘$src’ parament – second parametr of plugin functions: kama_thumb_img('h=200', 250) or kama_thumb_img('h=200 &attach_id=250')

    • allow
      (str) Which hosts are allowed. This option sets globally in plugin setting, but if you need allow hosts only for the function call, specify allow hosts here. Set ‘any’ to allow to make thumbs from any site (host).

  • $src
    (string) URL to any image. In this case plugin will not parse URL from post thumbnail/content/attachments.

    If parameters passes as array second argument $src can be passed in this array, with key: src или url или link или img:

        echo kama_thumb_img( array(
            'src' => 'http://yousite.com/IMAGE_URL.jpg',
            'w' => 150,
            'h' => 100,
        ) );
  1. You can pass $args as string or array:

        // string
        kama_thumb_img('w=200 &h=100 &alt=IMG NAME &class=aligncenter', 'IMG_URL');
        // array
        kama_thumb_img( array(
            'width'  => 200,
            'height' => 150,
            'class'  => 'alignleft'
            'src'    => ''
        ) );
  2. You can set only one side: width | height, then other side became proportional.

  3. src parameter or second function argument is for cases when you need create thumb from any image not image of WordPress post.
  4. For test is there image for post, use this code:

        if( ! kama_thumb_img('w=150&h=150&no_stub') )
            echo 'NO img';
#1 Get Thumb

In the loop where you need the thumb 150х100:

<?php echo kama_thumb_img('w=150 &h=100 &class=alignleft myimg'); ?>


<img src='thumbnail_URL' alt='' class='alignleft myimg' width='150' height='100'>
#2 Not show stub image
<?php echo kama_thumb_img('w=150 &h=100 &no_stub'); ?>
#3 Get just thumb URL
<?php echo kama_thumb_src('w=100&h=80'); ?>

Result: /wp-content/cache/thumb/ec799941f_100x80.png

This url you can use like:

<img src='<?php echo kama_thumb_src('w=100 &h=80 &q=75'); ?>' alt=''>
#4 kama_thumb_a_img() function
<?php echo kama_thumb_a_img('w=150 &h=100 &class=alignleft myimg &q=75'); ?>


<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href='ORIGINAL_URL'><img src='thumbnail_URL' alt='' class='alignleft myimg' width='150' height='100'></a>
#5 Thumb of any image URL

Pass arguments as array:

    echo kama_thumb_img( array(
        'src' => 'http://yousite.com/IMAGE_URL.jpg',
        'w' => 150,
        'h' => 100,
    ) );

Pass arguments as string:

    echo kama_thumb_img('w=150 &h=200 ', 'http://yousite.com/IMAGE_URL.jpg');

When parameters passes as string and “src” parameter has additional query args (“src=$src &w=200” where $src = http://site.com/img.jpg?foo&foo2=foo3) it might be confuse. That’s why “src” parameter must passes as second function argument, when parameters passes as string (not array).

#6 Parameter post_id

Get thumb of post ID=50:

<?php echo kama_thumb_img("w=150 &h=100 &post_id=50"); ?>
I don’t need plugin

This plugin can be easily used not as a plugin, but as a simple php file.

If you are themes developer, and need all it functionality, but you need to install the plugin as the part of your theme, this short instruction for you:

  1. Create folder in your theme, let it be ‘thumbmaker’ – it is for convenience.
  2. Download the plugin and copy the files: class.Kama_Make_Thumb.php and no_photo.jpg to the folder you just create.
  3. Include class.Kama_Make_Thumb.php file into theme functions.php, like this:
    require ‘thumbmaker/class.Kama_Make_Thumb.php’;
  4. Bingo! Use functions: kama_thumb_*() in your theme code.
  5. If necessary, open class.Kama_Make_Thumb.php and edit options (at the top of the file): cache folder URL/PATH, custom field name etc.
  • Conditions of Use – mention of this plugin in describing of your theme.
  • Лог stub файлов – чтобы узнать какие файлы были не найдены и на каких страницах
  • возможно очистить кэш отдельной картинки
  • брать заглушку из медиабиблиотки в настройках
  • указывать в альт название записи для kama_thumb_img(), если он пустой и есть ID записи? Но функция работате с URL поэтому альт не всегда можно указать правильно… Может юзать in_the_loop().