Gravity Forms Zero Spam

Enhance your Gravity Forms to include anti-spam measures originally based on the work of David Walsh's "Zero Spam" technique.

The wp plug-in Gravity Forms Zero Spam is satisfying to have. This extension is created by GravityView. GravityView is a WordPress devver. For the extension to work you need to have at least wp version 3.0.1. Total it has 19 users that rated Gravity Forms Zero Spam.

Gravity Forms Zero Spam was installed 50.000 times! The plugin has a rating of 88 out for 100, 16 people gave it 5 stars.

Questions about Gravity Forms Zero Spam

Common question about Gravity Forms Zero Spam

Where do I download Gravity Forms Zero Spam?

You can download the plug-in via the Download button.

How can I use Gravity Forms Zero Spam?

The documentation for the plugin can be found on several websites. You can find it via the wordpress website

Is Gravity Forms Zero Spam safe to download?

Ofcourse it’s very safe to download Gravity Forms Zero Spam. But you have to be sure to always update your WordPress, and do not skip your backup

How van we get support for Gravity Forms Zero Spam?

Via the website of the developer|wordpress|the wordpress forum you wil get support from the developer


NameGravity Forms Zero Spam
Downloads227.301 times
Last update2022-02-16 7:58pm GMT
Date created2014-10-06


This Gravity Forms add-on blocks spam using a non-obtrusive anti-spam measure. There are no settings or configuration needed: all you need to do is activate the plugin!

Is the Gravity Forms honeypot field not working for you? 🍯 🐝

Zero Spam is better than the Gravity Forms anti-spam honeypot field. If you’re getting spammed, try this plugin.

Use instead of reCaptcha

reCaptcha is user-hostile! Use this instead! Users don’t need to click stoplights, crosswalks, or bicycles when you use this plugin to stop spam.

Enable or disable per-form

If you only want the plugin for specific forms, that’s possible! The plugin adds a simple “Prevent spam using Gravity Forms Zero Spam” setting to each form (requires Gravity Forms 2.5 or newer).

Requires Gravity Forms.

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