Forget About Shortcode Buttons

A visual way to add CSS buttons in the rich text editor and to your themes.

The wp plugin Forget About Shortcode Buttons is satisfying to use. The plugin is created by Designs & Code. Designs & Code is a WordPress plug-in creator. For the plugin to download you need to have at least wordpress version 4.2. In total it hasat last 68 users that review Forget About Shortcode Buttons.

Forget About Shortcode Buttons is used 40.000 times! It has a rating of 94 out for 100, 59 users gave it a 5 star rating.

Questions about Forget About Shortcode Buttons

Where do I install Forget About Shortcode Buttons

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Where do I download Forget About Shortcode Buttons?

You can get this plug-in with the Download button.

How do I use Forget About Shortcode Buttons?

The documentation about this plugin can be found on several locations. You can read it on the wordpress website

Is Forget About Shortcode Buttons safe to download?

Yes it’s sure safe to download Forget About Shortcode Buttons. But you be sure to always be up to date with WordPress, and don skip your wp backup

How van we get support for Forget About Shortcode Buttons?

Via the website of the developer|wordpress|the wordpress forum you wil get the support from the developer



NameForget About Shortcode Buttons
Downloads324.536 times
Last update2022-02-18 11:37am GMT
Date created2014-04-04


Compatible with the WordPress Classic Editor, Gutenberg integration coming soon 🙂

Feature requests/ideas welcome!

Forget About Shortcode (FASC) Buttons are a visual way to add CSS buttons in the rich text editor and to your themes. Instead of adding shortcodes in the post editor, you insert real, styled buttons – making the process of adding buttons to your posts and pages much more natural whilst improving the appearance and usability of the post editor.

FASC Buttons tries to be as clean as possible with the html, only using data attributes for necessary features – the buttons you use in the post editor use the exact same classes as on the front end of your site with no extra or hidden markup to make them behave this way.

  • New – add FASC buttons to widgets in WP 4.8 🙂

  • Editing a button couldn’t be easier – just double click a button and an options panel appears allowing you to completely reconfigure the current button – beats tedious shortcodes and using precise syntax!

  • Utilises the latest CSS properties for styling

  • Includes Dashicons & Font Awesome Icons to add to your buttons and use in your themes.

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This plugin is only compatible with WordPress 4.2 and upwards (download version 1.x for compatibility with WP 3.9 – 4.1)