File Renaming on Upload

Fixes file uploads with accents and special characters by renaming them. It also improves your…

The plug-in File Renaming on Upload is satisfying to use. This plugin is created by Pablo S G Pacheco. Pablo S G Pacheco is a WordPress plugin developer. For the plug-in to download you need to have at least wordpress v 4.0.0. In total it has 36 people that rated File Renaming on Upload.

File Renaming on Upload is used 10.000 times! The plugin has a score of 96 out for 100, 33 people gave it 5 stars.

Questions about File Renaming on Upload

How can I install File Renaming on Upload

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Where do I download File Renaming on Upload?

You can download this extension via the Download button.

How can I use File Renaming on Upload?

The docs about the plug-in can be found on different websites. You can read it on the wordpress website

Is File Renaming on Upload safe to get?

Yes it’s very safe to get File Renaming on Upload. But you be sure to always update your WordPress, and don forget the backup

Where van we get support for File Renaming on Upload?

Via the website of the developer|wordpress|the wordpress forum you can get the support from the creator



NameFile Renaming on Upload
Downloads139.812 times
Last update2022-02-21 2:40pm GMT
Date created2013-07-19


Have you ever had any problems uploading files with accents and some special characters to WordPress? Probably the answer is yes.

This plugin will help you fix this problem by renaming these files on upload. It will either convert these problematic characters or remove them.

Besides that, it can improve your SEO adding some relevant info to your filename, like your domain name or the post title your file is attached on.

Increase your control over your file names.

✅ Main Features
  • Remove accents and special characters from filenames on upload.
  • Rename files on upload based on post title.
  • Rename files on upload based on the Site URL.
  • Rename files on upload based on the current date.
  • Update file permalink based on file renaming.
🏆 Pro Version

Do you like the free version of this plugin? Imagine what the Premium version can do for you. Take a look at some of its features:

  • Edit filenames and permalinks manually.
  • Update old media.
  • Update media reference in post content on file renaming.
  • Rename filename extension from jpeg to jpg.
  • Update filename on post update.
  • Restrict file renaming by user role.
  • Restrict file renaming by custom post type.
  • Auto-fill file title based on filename structure option.
  • Auto-fill ALT tag.
    • Update alt based on the original filename.
    • Update alt based on the filename structure option.
    • Update alt on filename update.
    • Update alt on new attachment upload.
  • More filename rules:
    • Custom field: Rename files based on custom fields/post meta.
    • Taxonomy: Rename files based on taxonomy.
    • User ID: Rename files based on current user id.
    • User Role: Rename files based on current user role.
    • User Name: Rename files based on user name.
    • Product SKU: Rename files based on product SKU.
    • Post slug: Rename files based on Post slug.
    • Post ID: Rename files based on post ID.
    • Custom String: Rename files based on a custom string.