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Essential Widgets is a WordPress plugin for widgets that allows you to create and add…

The wp plugin Essential Widgets is perfect to have. This extension is build by Catch Plugins. Catch Plugins is a WP plug-in creator. For the plugin to download you need to have at least wordpress v 4.8. In total it hasat last 2 people that rated Essential Widgets.

Essential Widgets was installed 20.000 times! It has a rating of 70 out for 100, 1 users gave it 5 stars.

Questions about Essential Widgets

How can I install Essential Widgets

Where do I download Essential Widgets?

You can get this extension with the Download button.

How do I use Essential Widgets?

The documentation for the plug-in can be read on different locations. You can find it on the wordpress website

Is Essential Widgets safe to get?

Yes it’s sure safe to download Essential Widgets. But you have to make sure to always update your WP, and do not skip your backups

How van we get support for Essential Widgets?

Via the website of the developer|wordpress|the wordpress forum you can get support from the developer



NameEssential Widgets
Downloads330.601 times
Last update2022-02-24 10:32pm GMT
Date created2017-11-22


Essential Widgets – a free WordPress plugin for widgets allows you to create and add interesting widgets on your website to make it more attractive and welcoming. Essential Widgets stays true to the essence of its name and offers exactly what you expect from a widgets plugin—all the “essential” widgets for your website. The plugin has been crafted beautifully to draw the extra attention to the important parts of your website. Essential Widgets provides you with the ability to have more control over the widgets with the various customization options. This free WordPress plugin for widgets allows you to create 7 different interesting widgets on your website. All the 7 widgets provided to you comes with so many customization options and are very easy to use. So, with Essential Widgets plugin, customize the interesting widgets your way and display them anywhere you want on your website to make it more dynamic.

  1. EW: Archives
    The Archives widget comes with various customization options. Choose a title, limit the number of posts, select the archive type, post type, order and more with the Archives widget.

  2. EW: Authors
    Displaying the author’s information is kind of a must-have feature if your website has multiple authors. Our new WordPress widgets plugin allows you to add Authors widget. With this widget, you can show the list of the authors on your website, the number of posts, select feed type, and more.

  3. EW: Categories
    Essential Widgets Pro supports Categories widget. The widget provides you with various customizable options such as the title of the widget, taxonomy option, order option, number of categories to show, display as a list or none, number of posts to display, sort by option, select feed type ton display and display as text or image.

  4. EW: Menus
    Bored with the same default menu? Our new WordPress plugin for widgets, Essential Widgets Pro supports Menus widget. With the Menus widget filled with various customization options, you can display your menus elegantly anywhere you want on your website.

  5. EW: Pages
    Display a list of pages with the Pages widget. With various customization options being provided to you, you can showcase the pages that are more important on your website wherever you want with Essential Widgets Pro.

  6. EW: Posts
    Essential Widgets Pro supports Posts widget. With the widget and its customizable options, you can easily display a list of posts on your website. You can add a title, select the post type, number of items to display, order, sort by, and more.

  7. EW: Tags
    And last, but definitely not the least, the Tags widget. You can display a list of tags as cloud or list, select the order of the tags, sort by option and the number of items to be displayed. The widget also provides you with more customization options including the unit, separator, search, text type, and more.


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