Edit Author Slug

Allows an admin (or capable user) to edit the author slug of a user, and change the author base.

The plugin for wordpress Edit Author Slug is great to have. The extension is build by Brandon Allen. Brandon Allen is a WP developer. For the extension to download you need to have at least wp version 4.9. In total it has 75 people that rated Edit Author Slug.

Edit Author Slug was used 100.000 times! The plugin has a rating of 98 out for 100, 73 users gave it a 5 star rating.

Questions about Edit Author Slug

Where do I install Edit Author Slug

Most common question for Edit Author Slug

Where do I download Edit Author Slug?

You can download this plug-in with the Download button.

How can I use Edit Author Slug?

The docs for the extension can be read on different websites. You can read it on the wordpress website

Is Edit Author Slug safe to use?

Yes it’s sure safe to use Edit Author Slug. But you make sure to always update your WordPress, and don forget the backups

Where van I get support for Edit Author Slug?

Via the site of the developer|wordpress|the wordpress forum you wil get the support from the creator



NameEdit Author Slug
Downloads1.017.711 times
Last update2022-02-14 1:01am GMT
Date created2009-11-27


This plugin allows full control of your user permalinks, allowing you to change both the author base (the ‘/author/’ portion of the author URLs), and the author slug (defaults to the username of the author). You can set the author base globally, or you can set it to be user-specific based on a user’s role. You now have the power to craft the perfect URL structure for you Author pages.

WordPress default structure http://example.com/author/username/.

Edit Author Slug allows for http://example.com/ninja/master-ninja/.

Using a role-based author base would allow for http://example.com/ida/master-splinter/ (for an Administrator Role), or http://example.com/koga/leonardo/ (for a Subscriber Role).

Development of this plugin takes place on GitHub. Pull requests are always welcome!

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