Cryout Serious Theme Settings

This plugin is designed to inter-operate with our Mantra, Parabola, Tempera, Nirvana themes to enable their settings pages.

The plug-in for wordpress Cryout Serious Theme Settings is satisfying to get. This plugin is created by Cryout Creations. Cryout Creations is a WordPress plug-in creator. For this tool to work you need to have at least wordpress version 4.5. Total it has 15 users that rated Cryout Serious Theme Settings.

Cryout Serious Theme Settings is installed 60.000 times! The plugin has a rating of 90 out for 100, 13 users gave it a 5 star score.

Questions about Cryout Serious Theme Settings

Where do I install Cryout Serious Theme Settings

Where do I download Cryout Serious Theme Settings?

You can get this extension via the Download button.

How can I use Cryout Serious Theme Settings?

The docs for this plug-in can be found on several websites. You can find it on the wordpress website

Is Cryout Serious Theme Settings safe to use?

Yes it’s sure safe to use Cryout Serious Theme Settings. But you have to make sure to always be up to date with WordPress, and don forget your backup

How van I get support for Cryout Serious Theme Settings?

Via the website of the developer|wordpress|the wordpress forum you can get the support from the developer


NameCryout Serious Theme Settings
Downloads698.928 times
Last update2022-02-22 10:29pm GMT
Date created2015-11-18


This plugin is designed to inter-operate with our Nirvana, Tempera, Parabola and Mantra themes and enable their advanced settings pages on current WordPress versions.


The plugin is intended to be used with the following theme releases regardless of WordPress version:

  • Nirvana version 1.2 and newer
  • Tempera version 1.4 and newer
  • Parabola version 1.6 and newer
  • Mantra version 2.5 and newer

Additionally, it was needed to correct an incompatibility between a change introduced by WordPress 4.4 and the following theme versions:

  • Tempera versions 0.9 to 1.3.3
  • Parabola versions 0.9 to 1.5.1
  • Mantra versions 2.0 to
  • No Nirvana versions are supported in compatibility mode

This plugin has no use and will do nothing if you do not use any of the listed themes.