Launching the WordPress Contributor Mentorship Program

The Working group of collaborators The WordPress community team has created a program to help people get started contributing to the WordPress project. The WordPress Contributor Mentorship program launched on July 12, with an initial group of 13 completing the program over four weeks.

The group works asynchronously with a group of experienced contributors (including Birgitta Olzem from Germany) to familiarize themselves with the basics of a WordPress project and provide initial input to a self-selected team. In addition to face-to-face mentoring, the program also consists of courses and online seminars.

With the program, the Contributors Working Group aims to improve the experience of contributors on a WordPress project. This mentoring program is currently the focus of the task force.

The 13 people from the first group come from all over the world and were selected from around 50 applications. Each of them will be assigned to an experienced associate based on the team they want to contribute to. Seven of the manufacturer’s teams are participating in the program to include participants in their teams.

Program schedule

The program of the first group lasts four weeks and consists of two parts:

  • During the first two weeks, participants will orient themselves to the project and decide which team they would like to contribute to.
  • In the third and fourth weeks, the main focus is on getting into the selected team.

By the end of the program, a good overview of the WordPress project will be provided, and participants will have made an initial contribution to their chosen team of developers.

Follow the program

The English-speaking WordPress Slack team has a #contributor-mentorship channel where interested parties can participate in most contribution and onboarding sessions (you can learn how to join the Slack team at

You can find more information about the program in English in the make post at the beginning of the program.