WordPress 5.9.3 maintenance release

WordPress 5.9.3 has been released. The maintenance release includes nine bug fixes in the kernel and ten bug fixes in the block editor.

WordPress 5.9.3 is a short cycle maintenance release, the next major release is 6.0.

You can download WordPress 5.9.3 from WordPress.org or install an existing installation in the backend on the website Instrument panelupdates update to the new version. If you have automatic background updates enabled, you may already have the new version active.

If you want to know exactly which bug fixes are included in 5.9.3. version, you can find the list in the release article.

Thank you!

The directors of the release were Jb Audras and Georges Mamadashvili. Special thanks to Sergey Biryukov who oversaw everything.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to WordPress 5.9.3: Aki Hamano, Alex Steen, aliakseyenkaihar, Anton Vlasenko, binarymoon, Carlos Bravo, Colin Stewart, David Baumwald, Dion Hulse, George Mamadashvili, glendaviesnz, Greg Ziółkowski, ironprogrammer, Julia Cash Audrass , Joe Dolson , Joen A. , Jorge Costa , jsnajdr , Marius LJ , Nick Diego , Paul Byron , Peter Smith , pgpagely , Rafi Ahmed , Richard B. Crackel , Robert Anderson , Rufus87 , Sergey Biryukov , Thor Bjorn Fjellner , Tony Mork , Abha Thakor, Oliver Juhas and Weston Ruther.